Healthcare is changing and its implications will affect how you do business. Successful account managers need to be able to engage in needs-based dialogue with a variety of stakeholders. Partner with us to build competencies and confidence in your customer-facing teams to meet the demands of everyone in this new environment.

  • Payers
  • Access
  • Distribution
  • Specialty Pharmacy
  • Formularies
  • Treatment Settings
  • Coding/Billing/Buy-and-Bill
  • Preventative Screening
  • Pricing
  • Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs)
  • Sales representatives
  • Managed markets account managers
  • Medical science liasions (MSLs)
  • Internal stakeholders
  • Print-based materials
  • eLearning programs
  • Blended programs
  • Presentations
  • Workshop materials
Years of Managed Market Experience