Prepare your sales representatives to anticipate and handle the questions, concerns and objections they typically encounter in the field. Learning approved verbal responses takes practice, and we design role-plays and simulations that arm your representatives for any situation.

“An objection is not a rejection; it is simply a request for more information.” – Bo Bennett

See our Objection Handling App in Action!

Practice Objections

Practice Anywhere

Let your sales representatives practice at home, in the car, or before a meeting.

Objections emailed

Videos Sent To You

View videos of your sales representatives and actually hear the tone and cadence of each response.

Give Feedback on Objection Quality

Provide Feedback

After viewing each video, respond to your representatives with the appropriate coaching guidance or resources.

Keep Pace with New Objections

Keep pace

Why wait until your next POA to address new objections when they can be practicing responses now?