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“They Deliver!”

The words above appeared in the comment section of a client survey. For you to deliver to your learners and patients, we have to deliver for you. The ability to deliver comes from EXPERIENCE. Experience comes from 40 years in life sciences training, unmatched therapeutic experience, and the best team in the industry.

Therapeutic Experience

In Just The Last Seven Years Alone

Your Training DNA is Unique

...and so are your training challenges

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Our Audiences

Sales Teams

The intersection of skills, behaviors, sales, and patients’ lives

Medical Teams

Complementing existing knowledge while enhancing commercial skills


Keeping pace with emerging therapies and technologies


Empowering self-care and maximizing adherence


Showing the frontliners how to teach patients

Market Access

Effectively communicating value to healthcare stakeholders


Sharing and standardizing best practices locally and globally


Building leaders, awareness, enthusiasm, and culture

“How likely are you to recommend CLD to a friend or colleague?”

We use the Net Promoter Score to measure client experience