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From a small module update to a launch with thousands of representatives, our team of training experts is here for you. Their mission is simple. It’s to make your job easier and help you succeed in changing patients’ lives.

Team Structure

Medical Writers

Medical Writers

Behind every piece of great content is a team of skilled writers. We have them in-house. Forty-five percent (45%) of CLD's writing staff holds an advanced degree (MD & Ph.D.). This expertise ensures content accuracy, unrivaled therapeutic knowledge, and the ability to craft customized learning solutions that prepare your learners for the field.

Software Developers

It takes experience to create an experience. Our software developers work with our project managers, instructional designers, medical writers, and content leads to design and create best-in-class eLearning solutions that keep learners engaged. Before this even happens, hundreds of hours of research and development are poured into each deliverable to ensure we are incorporating the best current practices while looking toward the future. Responsive design, microlearning, and learner personalization demonstrate our continuous pursuit of innovation and better learner outcomes. Our developers also support everything they build and conduct rigorous quality assurance testing, so you can be confident your deliverables will work as promised.
Project Managers

Project Managers

“Let our advance worrying become advance thinking and planning.“ ~ Winston Churchill. Your dedicated Project Manager (PM) is your single point of contact from kickoff to project close. Scheduling, activity tracking, resource management, and constant communication with you and your team are managed. They even know what you are thinking right now, too. What if something goes wrong? First, our in-house PMs have seen it all and are experts in preventing problems before they happen. Second, they know how to be flexible and make adjustments that keep things moving, so we can meet your deadlines and prepare your representatives for the field on time and on budget.
Workshop Strategists

Workshop Strategists

50 Representatives? 3,000? No problem. Our Workshop Strategists will make your next live or virtual meeting memorable. They’ll integrate activities, make certification routing a breeze, and deliver your content in a seamless eWorkshop app your facilitators will love. Want your entire workshop gamified with leaderboards? Done. How about all of the above in a mock hospital setting? They can do that, too. What happens if convention hall WiFi fails? They have a plan for that. That’s how good they are.
Graphic Designers & Biovizualization Specialists


Have you met a Biomedical Visualization Specialist? They know which way DNA should twist. It might sound trivial, but it is that attention to detail that makes our design team so special. Our Medical Illustrators, Animators, and Multimedia Designers are equally gifted at creating medically and scientifically accurate visuals that are true works of art. Our design team also creates eLearning user interfaces, logos, meeting themes, and brand identity elements to support your vision over the entire project.
Account Managers

Account Managers

Our Account Managers (AMs) are your advocates who proactively take the pulse of the project from your perspective and from ours. They are an extension of you within our offices and teams. If things are going well, you can tell them. If they are not, you can tell them. Each AM has the full support of our Executive and Senior Management teams and has the ability to affect change to guarantee you are completely satisfied. They look forward to making your job easier.
Instructional Designers

Instructional Designers

Do you have people that obsess over things like learner roles, seat time, skill gaps, module flow, or knowledge retention? We do. Our curriculum and instructional designers collaborate with you during the analysis and design phase of your projects to identify the key skills or behaviors you are seeking to change. Then they’ll help you choose the right deliverables that present the subject matter in visual, auditory, and interactive ways to keep your learners engaged and continuously learning.
Publishers & Editors

Publishers & Editors

Our publishers and editors are passionate about detail, layout, and design. Our Desktop Publishers are masters with Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite 3 (Illustrator®, Photoshop®, InDesign®), Adobe Presenter, Articulate Studio, and more. They use these tools on every line of text, art, and image so they are formatted accurately and exactly as promised. Style, grammar, and punctuation drive our Editorial staff. The team ensures style consistency and proper referencing across all projects. Quality is never an accident for this department.

Referencing System Specialists

PromoMats (aka Veeva), Zinc, and Aprimo (eMap, ePass, and ePTS) sound familiar? Our Referencing System Specialists (RSS) have never encountered an electronic referencing system they can't work with. The ability to deliver accurate referencing, linking, and uploading is critical to meeting your timelines. Your medical legal review team will thank you!

Recent Awards & Recognition

2020 Top 20 Custom Content Development Training Industry Award
TGaS Most Impactful Vendor 2018
Training Industry Custom Content Development 2018-2020
Sales Training & Enablement Watchlist

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