In scientific terms, XNA is synthetic DNA that’s stronger than the real thing. For us, XNA represents a fundamental way we help our life sciences clients assess and strengthen training performance. Like DNA, every training initiative has its own unique genetic fingerprint that heavily influences key behaviors. If critical genes in your training program are missing, or are in the wrong sequence, your initiatives may be predisposed to failure.

With more than 35 years of experience and more than 2,700 life sciences projects completed, we understand what works, what doesn’t and what’s next. We’ll help you modify the very DNA of your training initiatives to ensure that the key behaviors you want to impart on your learners are part of every deliverable.

Making Learning Memorable

Our content focuses on the information learners need to be successful, and is delivered through engaging training modules that promote knowledge retention.

Performing Gap Analysis

We identify holes in your current training initiatives, and design a curriculum that closes the gap between where learners currently are and where they need to be.

Integrating Technology

We employ the latest technology platforms to bring information to learners when and where they need it, in the office or while mobile.

Managing Cognitive Overload

Effective training modules don’t overwhelm the learner with excessive bells and whistles that distract from learning. When cognitive overload is minimized, the main message comes through loud and clear.

Sales Training Needs Analysis

Data Collection Expertise

We’ll discuss your goals and determine the best data collection methods. We then review existing training assets and design data collection instruments that get to heart of the matter.

Blended Learning Solutions

Presenting information through different media will greatly increase engagement, ultimately allowing the learner to retain more information.

Logical Sequencing of Information

Instructional design is the logical sequencing of information designed to move information from short-term into long-term memory where it can be accessed when it’s needed…on the job.We pride ourselves on our ability to sequence information so even the most complex medical science is explained step-by-logical-step.

Applying Adult Learning Theory

Our experts engage and successfully train your learners by focusing on key job skills. By integrating new information with what they already know, we design engaging modules that catch (and keep) their attention.

Creating Measurable Learning Objectives

We design our curricula around measurable learning objectives that target the critical knowledge learners need to know and ensure vital recall through self-assessments and final exams.

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