Workshop Experience

We’ve developed hundreds of workshops focused on disease awareness, product launches, POA topics, selling skills, account planning and leadership and management skills. Our audiences have included the entire spectrum of pharmaceutical and biotech personnel, from sales representatives and their managers, to research & development teams, human resources, marketing groups, department heads and manager candidates.

Our Approach

Plan ahead: We help our clients lay the critical pre-event groundwork so participants and facilitators arrive well-prepared to immediately engage in skill development and application.



Motivate and Energize: During the event, we provide a balance of activities so that participants are engaged in trying out new skills and learning from each other to perfect their performance.



Accountability and Follow-Through: We develop an array of observer checklists, manager coaching guides and certification strategies to ensure that everyone leaves the workshop with the necessary knowledge and skills to be successful. Whether you have a dozen participants or thousands, we’ll deliver the tools and training you need for a successful workshop or POA!

One App to Manage Your Next POA

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Save Tens of Thousands

Go paperless at your next live workshop or POA.


Rich Media Integration

Include videos, animations and audio files seamlessly.

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Total Customization

Why pay for bells and whistles you don’t need? We’ll make it yours.


Edit on the fly

Make last minute changes or edits to your materials or agenda with ease. No more costly reprinting!