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CLD client or not, keeping you focused on training and helping your learners improve patient lives is our goal. Our free templates, articles, posts, blogs, and career resources are specifically designed to help you do just that.


Sales Training Plan Templates

Work on your sales training plan and not on your slides today!

Ready for your next sales training position?

Making sales trainers’ jobs easier is central to our work. Then we thought, “Why not simplify searching for a sales training job, too.” Whether you’re looking for a new position or challenge, we are happy to provide this free and easy to navigate career resource.

Manager, Sales Training
Collegium Pharma
Oncology Training Manager (FL, GA or NC)
Guardant Health
Atlanta, GA Remote
Learning & Development - Manager Sales Training
Bausch + Lomb Pharmaceutical
Bridgewater, NJ Remote
Director, Commercial Training
Ferring Pharmaceuticals
Parsippany, NJ
Director of Launch Excellence Training
Cambridge, MA On-site
Senior Respiratory Training Manager

Recent Posts & Articles

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Microlearning Monday

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Thoughtful Microlearning
Thoughtful Microlearning
Learning Science
Want Greater Knowledge Retention? Use These Ancient Techniques
Package Insert (PI) Hub
Package Insert (PI) Hub

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