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Monday, Monday, So good to me
Monday mornin', It was all I hoped it would be

Lyrics to Monday Mondayby The Mamas & The Papas

Is your Monday everything you hoped it would be? As a training manager, you can make short Monday training assignments work for you. After new hire training, sales representatives often complain that it was all “too much too fast.” Representatives absorb as much as possible, but most would benefit from additional training that refreshes their memory of key topics and helps them apply their knowledge and skills.  Consider implementing Microlearning Monday! Every Monday, send out a microlesson, a short training assignment that takes 5-10 minutes and give the representatives the rest of the week to complete it. The microlesson can come in many forms, such as a(n):

  • PowerPoint presentation reviewing the signs and symptoms of a disease
  • animation showing the mechanism of action of a drug
  • video in which a rep demonstrates “what good looks like” for a sales call
  • interactivity that reviews a study design
  • podcast in which a provider discusses their approach to treatment
  • quiz with a handful of questions on a key competitor
  • series of scenario-based questions in which learners must address HCP concerns
  • set of flashcards focused on reinforcing knowledge of adverse events associated with a product
  • job aid reviewing the steps of a selling model
  • an infographic that summarizes patient demographics
  • a blog post that describes a new approach to HCP segmentation

After being in the field for a couple of months, representatives begin to recognize what they know and what they don’t know. Therefore, start your Microlearning Monday program 2-3 months after the new hire training, when representatives have a better appreciation of why the information they are learning is essential to their success. Because the representatives can now put their training in context, their retention of the information will be better. As a result, they will increase their knowledge and improve their ability to respond to customer questions.

Choose a platform to deliver the microlessons that allows you to schedule out the lessons in advance and that works on tablets and phones so that you can deliver the short bites of training to your on-the-go learners. Ideally, they can complete their microlessons sitting in their car or in a provider’s waiting room.

Implement Microlesson Monday and help your new hires make Monday all they hoped it would be!