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Top 10 Pharmaceutical Company
  • Escape Room Workshop
    • Selling Area
    • Game Zone
By the Numbers
  • 2000+ Employees Attended
  • 300+ Sales Rep Escape Room Participants
  • Las Vegas, NV

Heist Escape Room Workshop

2000+ employees, including the CEO and other global and US executives, attended the company-wide meeting.  The goal of the meeting was to bring everyone together after two-plus years of remote and virtual meetings.  Other than the workshop, this brand’s sessions were primarily mainstage presentations.  The salesforce looked forward to the workshop as an opportunity to get out of their seats, strategize, verbalize and work with their teams on what they do best.

In the Heist Escape Room, the representatives went through an experience where they completed verbalization exercises in two rooms:

  • Selling Arena, where reps needed to complete calls to 5 different HCPs (facilitators)
  • Game Zone comprised two activities—Spin the Wheel and Rolling the Dice.

The representatives were required to complete the exercises in small teams or “crews,” and after the completion of each segment (Game Zone and Selling Arena), they were provided a two-word phrase that helped unlock the secret code.  After completing both workshop exercises, representatives moved to the vault, where ‘armed’ guards (actors) only allowed those with the correct code.  Once in the vault, they were given an envelope with their crew team names and prizes.  The production company assisted the vault design and site support.

With senior executives watching and anticipation building, our direct clients felt the pressure to ensure the workshop went off without a hitch.  This was a first-of-its-kind workshop for them.  The workshop was well-received and successful.  Throughout the two hours, the clients appreciated the engagement, interactions, and many positive comments about the creativity of the workshop activities.  Senior leadership also commented on the workshop’s design and how well it went.

We (trainers) were so impressed with the level of engagement and effort put forth during the entire workshop…