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eLearning training

When companies choose their form of training, some decisions are made out of necessity. For example, online training is often chosen as a way to train new employees when classroom learning is either not available or financially impractical. But if companies would put more effort into developing the courses, then they will find that Internet training is more versatile and effective than classroom training.Superfluous

Be Smart With Interactions

According to, finding the right balance of interaction within an Internet-based course is critical in the ability of the student to retain information. There is such a thing as too much interaction. Constantly requiring that students stop focusing on the material to interact with the program can detract from the goal of training: it can take away from the ability of the students to actually retain the information.

In some cases, interaction is necessary to give students a feeling of hands-on experience with a portion of the material. But too much interaction is distracting and even frustrating for students. Good training courses limit interaction only to those moments when it is absolutely essential in making a training point clearer.

Do Usability Testing insists that eLearning, like any other computer program, can only evolve properly when the real-life experiences of students are taken into account. One of the best ways to improve the usability of your online training is to observe actual students using the training and then get their feedback on what can be improved.

You can put a few of your employees in a room and have them utilize your employee training modules and watch how they interact with the material to see what improvements need to be made. If some of the students seemed frustrated with a part of the training, then discuss that with them after the training and find out what needs to be done to make the training better.

Don’t Ignore Mobile Training For Biotech Sales Training

Biotech sales professionals are in the field a great deal, which makes mobile eLearning extremely important. When a biotech sales professional cannot be tied to a desk for training, suggests that mobile applications will save the day. You can dramatically increase the usability of your courses by being sure to have companion platforms available that allow your employees to take the training on the road.

Contact CLD, Inc when you need quality training materials to make your training more effective. Our experts can create custom training materials that will be put into the proper format and reach across a variety of platforms. Let us show you how effective online learning can be when you have the right materials for your employees to use. We will work with you directly to improve your eLearning materials until they are exactly what your employees need to be up to date on all of your latest information.