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The Marketplace Manager provides sales trainers the ability to present readily accessible competitor information to their representatives. The unique design simulates a side-by-side view without making direct comparisons. It allows representatives to quickly locate the key package insert (PI) or clinical reprint facts, whether seated at their desk or on the phone while waiting in a physician’s office. The tool summarizes critical PI information (such as indication, warnings, dosing, etc.). The solution provides a glimpse into the market landscape, enabling them to more clearly explain how their product is preferable to a competitor’s. Graphs, animations, and videos support the PI content. Utilizing the MarketPlace Manager’s Customer Response tab, representatives can also read samples of objections they might hear in the field, followed by approved methods of responding to questions.

Marketplace Manager Competitor etool
Customizable quicklinks allow seamless movement between key PI facts of each competitor
Simulated side-by-side view with no direct comparsion
Customizable main and sub-product navigation
Summarizes critical PI or Clinical Reprint information

The ability to quickly access and reference competitor PIs could be the difference-maker for each call or visit. If you have three or more competitors, this is a must-have tool for your representatives.

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