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Forty years of providing cutting-edge oncology training must mean you know a thing or two. CLD’s iKnow™ Oncology Fundamentals series condenses this experience into five off-the-shelf modules that your learners can start using immediately.

The iKnow™ Oncology Fundamentals series includes:

  • Basics of Oncology (50-minute online module)
  • Oncology Care:  Treatment Pathways (70-minute online module)
  • Hormone Therapy (30-minute online module)
  • Targeted Therapy (45-minute online module)
  • How to Read Oncology Reprints (40-minute online module)
iKnow Cancer Survival Rate Screen
Enhanced visuals and charts
100% responsive design

What your learners experience:

  • Focused modules. They include the most critical information for the learner to understand a topic, and because they’re manageable in size, they maximize the time learners have to spend getting up to speed.
  • Clear Learning objectives that identify content at the start of each section, and knowledge check questions at the end of the section ensure learners have taken away the essential information.
  • Case studies woven throughout the text to bring the information to life and help the learner empathize about the impact of the disease and treatment on a patient.
  • The content is also referenced to current, primary literature, using a referencing standard that allows reviewers to locate the information efficiently. Within the primary literature citation, we will clearly box the relevant information and within the text, we will include an inline, parenthetical reference that identifies the author, page number, column, and paragraph in the citation.
iKnow BRAF-MEK Signaling animation
Designed by oncology experts
Printable transcript, audio glossary, and an intuitive table of contents

These modules are written in HTML5 for both PC and mobile devices (iPad, iPhone, Android, and more) using fully responsive design. The user interface automatically adjusts to the dimensions of the device, making optimal use of the device’s available screen space. All modules are SCORM compliant and work with most Learning Management Systems (LMS).

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