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“How are you sharing your sound on Zoom?” Over the last three weeks, this is a recurring question posed by life science sales trainers when we demo our e-Learning deliverable solutions containing obvious audio/video elements. Apparently, more than one Zoom virtual meeting has been altered or abandoned because sales reps can’t hear audio specific to what the presenter/trainer is sharing on their screen. This occurs when the presenter/trainer joins via computer audio and misses a key check box that’s not part of Zoom’s advanced settings. Here’s how to fix it going forward and improve video share quality at the same time in only two mouse clicks!

How are you sharing your sound on Zoom?

Start a New Zoom Meeting

Start a new meeting and invite a co-worker to join for testing purposes.

Share Screen

Open an e-Learning piece that has audio (e.g. KOL video or eTutorial) and then hit the Share Screen button on the Zoom toolbar.

Share Computer Sound

Before selecting the correct screen or app to share, check the Share Computer Audio auto option on the lower left-hand corner of the Share Screen window.
Zoom Share Computer Sound

With this option checked, your sales reps will now hear any audio you share via your computer. If you still have issues, make sure your computer sound is not muted and that any sound options within each audio/video source are not muted as well. You will have to check off this box each time you start a new Zoom meeting.

Once you have  perfected sharing computer audio, you can then test optimizing your video. By following the same steps listed above and checking the Optimizing the Screen Sharing for Video Clip option you can smooth out the lag your sales reps may experience when you share video.

Zoom Optimize Video