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Pharma Rep trainers

Pharmaceutical sales training is essential to the success of any sales professional. The problem is that too many pharmaceutical organizations have a static training program that does not deliver everything a sales professional needs to be successful. The solution is to look at how some of the largest companies in the world train their employees and determine the best ways to integrate the most innovative ideas into a pharmaceutical company’s sales training program.

A Customized Approach Can Be Valuable In Pharmaceutical Sales Training

General Electric has been one of the largest corporations in the world for a very long time and, over the years, GE has learned that it must adapt in order to stay on top of the business world. According to the Harvard Business Review, GE utilizes a custom approach to training that benefits employees who do not fit the mold of an entry-level employee who would go through an entry-level training program.

The program is referred to as a “mid-career leadership program” and it is designed for employees who have corporate experience, but lack the experience necessary to be successful in the GE system. The program GE has created should be a model for pharmaceutical companies because it is the ideal way to bring experienced new employees up to speed on how to do things the pharmaceutical company’s way.

Good Training Should Reap Instant Results

In an article published on the Quartz blog, it is revealed that Facebook has an innovative engineering training program that gets new engineers productive within one week. When Facebook hires new engineers, those engineers are not hired for a specific purpose. Each new Facebook engineer goes through a training program that focuses on productivity within the Facebook culture, as opposed to doing only one specific job.

New engineers are paired up with a mentor and put to work on a project that, within one week of the engineer being hired, will go live on the Facebook website. This combination of mentoring and working within the company culture to develop a productive employee can be a valuable way for pharmaceutical sales companies to get their new sales employees generating revenue quickly.

Trained Managers Tend To Stick Around Longer

In pharmaceutical sales, turnover at the management level can cost the company a fortune. Twitter has an aggressive program in place that trains managers on ways to be responsible for their departments, but also to be accountable to the overall success of the company. When a manager at Twitter does not agree with an idea, that manager is trained to speak up and offer an alternative solution.

According to, investing in management training helps to improve retention. The managers at Twitter understand what is expected of them and also understand that their input is always essential to the company’s success. When your company follows that type of model and invests in management training, you develop confident managers who want to continue to produce for your company.

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